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10 Guitar Amp Simulator for Home Recording Studio (Beginners)

What’s guitar/bass players are always seek? …is tone! am I right? a killer tone. And the good thing of digital recording stuff is you can wear headphone while jam or record your guitar playing on PC/Mac at the middle of the night without worry disturbing your parent and neighbor. And have all that plenty gear… [Continue Reading]

7 Digital Audio Workstation Software for Home Recording (Beginners)

Everyone love music! some are appreciate it as a listener some are love to sing and become a singer, play instrument just for hobbies or as a professional musician, composer , audio engineer, DJ etc. In this digital age, a musician whether (amateur like me) or professional can write and compose their music at their Home… [Continue Reading]

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My Opinion About Is it Scam?

Hello guys! this time i’m not gonna write article about how to fix something, how to bla bla bla like ussual, because right now I don’t have anything to fix hopefully not! But!.. this time I’m gonna write my experience about two days join in network. Right here I’m not going to tell everyone in the world that empowr is SCAM, No!… [Continue Reading]

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Essential WordPress Plugins for Website/Blog

We all know that WordPress is most widely used Content Management System or CMS platform for Website/Blog and technically good platform for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), I personally like WordPress because is flexibility and ease to use even for people who don’t have coding skill, there is hundreds of free or paid Themes, Plugins/addons that we… [Continue Reading]

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How to Make Website Indexed by Google, Bing and Yahoo

After two weeks build my new website and write some post on it I realize there is something wrong when I type my blog URL on Google, Yahoo and Bing search box, my website and all the content not getting indexed by these Search Engine yet. My thoughts maybe it need a few days more for… [Continue Reading]

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